Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Acquisitions: A Selection of lightly used Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction

Hands of Flame (The Negotiator, Book 3) by Murphy, C.E. Used: Good 409 pages; spine creasing, edge wear, some wrinkling to front cover; War has erupted among the five Old Races, and Margrit Knight is responsible for the death that has caused it. Now New York City's most unusual lawyer finds herself facing her toughest negotiation yet, in this third Negotiator novel

Unperfect Souls (Connor Grey, Book 4) by Mark Del Franco - Used: Good 338 pages; light spine crease, light edge wear; In the Boston neighborhood known as the Weird, a decapitated body floats out of the sewer, and former Guild investigator Connor Grey uncovers a conspiracy that may bring down the city's most powerful elite.

Blood of the Demon (Kara Gillian, Book 2) by Diana Rowland - Used: Good 369 pages; spine creasing, light edge wear; In the second book in Rowland's stellar new series, a demon wants the body ofcop Kara Gillian. However, a handsome FBI agent has gotten under Kara's skin, while a killer is on the loose in Beaulac, Louisiana.

Orphans of Chaos by John C. Wright - Used: Good 326 pages; spine creasing, light edge wear; Five orphans, raised in a strict British boarding school, discover they are not ordinary human beings. They do not age, while the world outside does. Amelia is apparently a fourth-dimensional being; Victor can control the molecular arrangement of matter around him; Vanity can find secret passageways through solid walls where none had previously been; Colin is a psychic; Quentin is a warlock. Each power comes from a different paradigm or view of the inexplicable universe - and they should not be able to co-exist. The orphans have been kidnapped from their true parents, robbed of their powers and memories, and raised in ignorance by super-beings: pagan gods, fairy-queens, Cyclops, sea-monsters, witches, or things even stranger. Can the children learn to control their strange abilities and escape their captors?

Thinner by Stephen King - Used: Fair  318 pages; heavy spine creasing, heavy edge wear, some cover creases; 'Thinner' - the old gypsy man barely whispers the word. Billy feels the touch of a withered hand on his cheek. 'Thinner' - the word, the old man's curse, has lodged in Billy's mind like a fattening worm, eating at his flesh, at his reason. And with his despair, comes violence.

Bewitched & Betrayed (Raine Benares, Book 4) by Lisa Shearin - Used: Good  366 pages; light spine creasing; Raine Benares is a seeker. She finds lost things and missing people--usually alive. But now she's been bonded with the Saghred, a soul-stealing stone of unlimited power, and must hunt down its escapees. Especially since one of them is also hunting her.

Changeling (Sisters of the Moon, Book 2)  by Yasimine Galenorn Used: Good 293 pages; In this second book of Galenorns series--the follow-up to "Witchling"--the supernatural DArtigo sisters, half-human, half-Faerie supernatural agents, are now enlisted to find the fiends responsible for slaughtering the weres of Rainier Puma Pride.
The Radleys: A Novel by Matt Haig - Used: Good 370 pages; edge wear, some light creasing to covers; Advance Uncorrected Proofs; This is a fast, smart, accessible novel which will be lapped up by young fans of vampire-lit and urban gothic - but with a witty new twist. Meet the Radleys: Peter, Helen and their teenage kids Clara and Rowan. An everyday family who live in a pretty English village and juggle dysfunctional lives. So far, so normal. Except, as Peter and Helen know (but the kids have yet to find out), the Radleys happen to be a family of abstaining vampires. When one night Clara finds herself driven to commit a bloodthirsty act of violence, her parents need to explain a few things: why is their skin is so sensitive to light, why do they all find garlic so repulsive, and why has Clara's recent decision to go vegan had quite such an effect on her behaviour...? But when mysterious Uncle Will swoops into the village, he unleashes a host of shadowy truths and dark secrets that threaten to destroy the Radleys and the world around them.

Gun, With Occasional Music: A Novel by Jonathan Lethem - Used: Very Good 262 pages; some light edge wear, bit of soiling to back cover; The first novel by Jonathan Lethem is a hard-boiled, noir mystery, a dark and funny post-modern romp serving further evidence that Lethem is the distinctive voice of a new generation. Conrad Metcalf has problems. He has a monkey on his back, a rabbit in his waiting-room, and a trigger-happy kangaroo on his tail. (Maybe evolution therapy is not such a good idea). He's been shadowing Celeste, the wife of an Oakland urologist. Maybe falling in love with her a little at the same time. When the doctor turns up dead, Metcalf finds himself caught in a crossfire between the boys from the inquisitor's Office and gangsters who operate out of the back room of the Fickle Muse.

The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes  edited by Martin Greenberg & Carol-Lynn Rossel Waugh - Used: Good 345 pages; spine and cover creasing, edge wear; A collection of 15 short stories featuring Sherlock Holmes and written by such luminaries as Stephen King, John Gardner, Loren D. Estleman, and many more.

Spook Country  by William Gibson - Used: Very Good 480 pages; light edge wear; Tito is in his early twenties. Born in Cuba, he speaks fluent Russian, lives in one room in a NoLita warehouse, and does delicate jobs involving information transfer. Hollis Henry is an investigative journalist, on assignment from a magazine called Node. Node doesn't exist yet, which is fine; she's used to that. But it seems to be actively blocking the kind of buzz that magazines normally cultivate before they start up. Really actively blocking it. It's odd, even a little scary, if Hollis lets herself think about it much. Which she doesn't; she can't afford to. Milgrim is a junkie. A high-end junkie, hooked on prescription antianxiety drugs. Milgrim figures he wouldn't survive twenty-four hours if Brown, the mystery man who saved him from a misunderstanding with his dealer, ever stopped supplying those little bubble packs. What exactly Brown is up to Milgrim can't say, but it seems to be military in nature. At least, Milgrim's very nuanced Russian would seem to be a big part of it, as would breaking into locked rooms. Bobby Chombo is a "producer," and an enigma. In his day job, Bobby is a troubleshooter for manufacturers of military navigation equipment. He refuses to sleep in the same place twice. He meets no one. Hollis Henry has been told to find him.

Jennifer Scales and the Ancient Furnace (Jennifer Scales, Book 1) by MaryJanice Davidson & Anthony Alongi - Used: Very Good 213 pages; faint spine crease, slight edge wear; Jennifer Scales knows that growing up means change, but she's not prepared for the blue scales or the claws, since no one told her that she comes from a bloodline of weredragons.

The Last Starfighter by Alan Dean Foster - Used: Very Good 218 pages; edge wear; Alex Rogan is a small-town teenager with big-time dreams. He's just like everyone else, except Alex has a very special talent... Tonight, a mysterious stranger will call on Alex. He comes from a galaxy that's under attack by an alien force. And Alex's unique ability is their last hope.

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (Star Trek #17)  by Vonda N. McIntyre - Used: Very Good 297 pages; edge wear; As the crew grieves for Mr. Spock, the awesome Genesis Device, now controlled by the Federation, has transformed an inert nebula into a new planet teeming with life. But Genisis can also destroy existing worlds. The creators of the Device want it given freely to the Galaxy. But Starfleet Command fears that it will become a force for evil. And the enemies of the Federation will not rest until they seize it -- as their most powerful weapon in the battle to conquer the Galaxy!

Moorhaven by Daoma Winston - Used: Good 406 pages; spine creasing, edge wear; The breathtaking romance of Cordelia and Jonathan - the governess and the Master of Moorhaven - begins the stormy saga that spans three generations at Moorhaven, the great stone house built on land stolen from the sea. The strange mystery haunting the house, the passionate family feuds, the secret love affairs, and the life-long hatreds wind their way through the generations as the family prepares itself to meet the final challenge of Moorhaven!

Emergence by David R. Palmer - Used: Good 291 pages; bar code on back cover is hole-punched, spine creased, some edge wear; This is the saga of Candy Smith-Foster, a brilliant, witty girl on the verge of womanhood, survivor of a bionuclear war that destroyed most of humanity, first of a new stage of human evolution - homo post hominem. EMERGENCE is the story of her turbulent odyssey across a scarred America seeking others of her kind and a new future for the people of Earth. Emergence was nominated for the Hugo, Nebula, Compton Crook, and Philip K. Dick awards.

Night Myst (Indigo Court #1) by Yasmine Galenorn - Used: Good 342 pages; spine creasing, edge wear; Eons ago, vampires tried to turn the Dark Fae in order to harness their magic, only to create a demonic enemy more powerful than they imagined. Now Myst, the Vampiric Fae Queen of the Indigo Court, has enough power to begin a long prophesied supernatural war.

The Magic Knot by Helen Scott Taylor - Used: Good 308 pages; spine creasing, edge wear, cover curled a bit; Put together a magic set of Tarot cards, a proper accountant looking for her roots in mystical Cornwall, and a bad boy on a motorcycle, and you get a lovers knot that wont ever come undone.

Fire in the Ashes by William W. Johnstone - Used: Good 460 pages; spine creasing, a bit of soiling to front cover; It is 1999 and the world has been destroyed by a nuclear holocaust. Among the survivors is Ben Raines, a retired soldier and mercenary--and the only man alive trained to lead the Resistance and build a new America. But as the Rebel's greatest adversary, the U.S. Government, crushes their dreams, an even greater peril awaits them--an indescructible breed of enemies.

Nightworld by David Bischoff - Used: Very Good 197 pages; light edge wear; By day it was paradise. By night it was a seething hell. Nightworld — where for centures werewolves, dragons, griffins, and vampires served a computerized Prince of Darkness . . . Where every sunset brought forth a call for the most heinous acts imaginable by the most frightening creature of all . . . Where a courageous young lord and a determined outworlder set forth on a journey of innumerable terrors to destroy the computer creature known as Satan in its own technologically horrifying haven of hell!

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