Thursday, April 14, 2011

Newly arrived Signed/Rare SF, Horror, and Fantasy

We're offering a nice selection of rare and/or signed titles today:

Off Beat: Uncollected Stories by Richard Matheson, edited by William F. Nolan - Signed, limited edition; Signed by both Richard Matheson and William F. Nolan on the signature pages; front board is lightly warped. #701 of 750 printed; Out of Print.  Off Beat is cause for celebration -- a brand new Richard Matheson collection of fantasy, horror and shock tales that includes four never-before-published stories!

William F. Nolan has penned a very personal introduction, and selected the contents with Matheson's full cooperation, and the master himself has also contributed an "afterword/story notes" section. Stories include: Relics; Blunder Buss; And Now I'm Waiting; All and Only Silence; Phone Call From Across the Street; Maybe You Remember Him; Mirror, Mirror...; Two O'Clock Session; And in Sorrow; The Prisoner; Always Before Your Voice; That Was Yesterday.

Also includes a bibliographic checklist of Richard Matheson first editions; Hardcover 1st edition w/jacket;  VG+ condition; $99.00

Worlds of Weber: Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington and Other Stories by David Weber - slight edge wear to jacket, small edge tear at top-rear jacket flap; Out of Print.  Signed by David Weber on a bound-in signature page. Subterranean Press is proud to present a mammoth (over 250,000 words) career retrospective collection by New York Times Best-Selling Writer David Weber. Treecats, starships, dragons, alternate history, self-aware Bolo supertanks, wizards, sailing ships, ironclads....

For twenty years, David Weber has been taking readers to destinations strange and fantastical, from his best-selling Honor Harrington novels and short stories to the swords-and-sorcery of Norfressa and the shared universes of his own and other writers. If you haven't already read these stories, you should. Find out how Giles Habibula really joined Jack Williamson's Legion of Space. Visit 17th-century Magdeburg for the creation of the United States Navy a hundred and fifty years early, and go with John Paul Jones as he wins the Revolutionary War...for George III. Fight dragons and demons with U.S. Marines in a most unexpected campaign, find out how humans and treecats first met, share Honor Harrington's very first battle, and discover the true cost of self-awareness for war machines who learn to care. Open the door and peep inside, but be careful! Once you step into the worlds of Weber, you may not want to go home again. $99.00

Table of Contents:
A Certain Talent
In the Navy
The Captain from Kirkbean
Sir George and the Dragon
A Beautiful Friendship
Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington
Miles to Go
The Traitor

The Palace at Midnight: (The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg, Vol. 5) by Robert Silverberg - corners lightly bumped, front board is dinged at the edge; Somehow, for all my outward pretence of cold-eyed professionalism, all my insistence that writing is simply a job like any other, I’ve discovered to my surprise and chagrin that there’s more than that going on around here, that I write as much out of karmic necessity and some inescapable inner need to rededicate my own skills constantly to my—what? My craft? My art? My profession? I wrote these stories because the only way of earning a living I have ever had has been by writing, but mainly, I have to admit, I wrote these stories because I couldn’t not write them. Well, so be it. They involved me in a lot of hard work, but for me, at least, the results justify the toil. I’m glad I wrote them. Writing them, it turns out, was important for me, and even pleasurable, in a curiously complex after-the-fact kind of way. May they give you pleasure now too.

—Robert Silverberg, from his Introduction  $24.00

Full Table of Contents available here.

Journeys by Ian R. MacLeod - Signed, Limited edition, #286 of 750 printed copies, signed by Ian MacLeod on the bound-in signature page;  Journeys will take you to extraordinary places. From a changed Jerusalem to windmills which draw their own wind. From windswept British campsites to vast slave empires which have never been. MacLeod's breadth of vision in this collection is extraordinary, but what unites these stories is his abiding interest in humanity, and the way in which he combines the fantastically strange and with the memorably everyday. Expect widescreen wonder in Journeys, with many surprising truths, and some dazzling writing, along the way. Despite a distinguished record as a novelist, which has recently won him both the Arthur C Clarke and John W Campbell Awards for his novel Song Of Time, Ian R MacLeod is probably still most widely known as one of the great writers of shorter fiction. He says that it's still his own abiding love in the genre, and, after more than twenty years of writing, the area where he feels you can take the biggest risks, have the most fun, and make the biggest (and most entertaining) mistakes. $24.99

The Sky That Wraps by Jay Lake - Signed, Limited Edition, #172 of 1,000 copies printed;  corners bumped lightly;

This collection of short fiction from award winning-author Jay Lake represents his favorites of his own work, both current and classic. With an emphasis on recent publications since his last short fiction collection in 2007, The Sky That Wraps showcases his reach in fantasy, science fiction, and the ambiguous territory in between.

This volume includes two all-new stories, “Coming for Green” and “To Their Late Escape”, as well as previously uncollected fan favorites “The American Dead” and “The Sky That Wraps The World Round, Past the Blue and Into the Black.” Twenty other stories round out this wide-ranging survey of Lake’s work.

Lesser Demons by Norman Partridge - Deluxe Hardcover Edition;  some shelf wear, light scuffing to jacket, corners lightly bumped;  Tales of hardboiled horror and Twilight Zone noir. Cross-genre blowtorches with bad guys and worse guys. Love stories both dark and bittersweet. A brand new novella and extensive story notes. You’ll find this and more in the fifth collection from three-time Bram Stoker award-winner Norman Partridge, an author Locus calls “one of the most dependable, exciting, and entertaining practitioners of dark suspense and dark fantasy... emphasis on the dark.”

In Lesser Demons, Partridge explores the kind of fiction that made him both a horror fan and a writer. Using the shotgun prose of a crime novel, the title story draws a deadly bead on H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. “The Iron Dead” introduces Chaney, a monster-hunting pulp hero with a mechanical hand built in hell. “Carrion” cuts a mean swath through Robert E. Howard territory, while “The Big Man” explores dark shadows of American life never imagined in the atom-age horror movies of the fifties.

Part celebration, part reinvention, Lesser Demons only serves to underscore RevolutionSF’s verdict: “Norman Partridge is the finest writer of short horror fiction going.” $18.00

A Pleasure to Burn: Fahrenheit 451 Stories by Ray Bradbury - some light scuffing to jacket, corners lightly bumped;  "A Pleasure to Burn" is the ideal companion to Bradbury's great novel "Fahrenheit 451." Edited by Bradbury authority Donn Albright, this generous volume gathers 16 vintage stories and novellas for a significant publishing event for scholars, aficionados, and casual readers. $19.99

The Ammonite Violin and Others by Caitlin R. Kiernan - In CaitlĂ­n R. Kiernan’s The Ammonite Violin & Others, one of contemporary dark fantasy’s most bewitching and distinctive voices is back with another banquet of the weird and unexpected. In his introduction, Jeff VanderMeer (City of Saints and Madmen, Finch) writes, “Kiernan creates her own light in this remarkable collection, and shines it on dark places. In doing so, she gives us gritty, lyrical, horrible, beautiful truths.”

In The Ammonite Violin & Others, the author rises to meet the high expectations she set with such collections as Tales of Pain and Wonder, A is for Alien, and the World Fantasy Award-nominated To Charles Fort, With Love. Within these pages, you’ll discover a dazzling suite of stories situated on the borderlands between the unspeakbale and the erotic, the grotesque and the sublime. Here are stories of dream and metamorphosis, strange lands and beings existing beyond the veil of death and beyond this earth. Here is a selkie who’s lost her sealskin, a woman with a blackhole in her heart, a fairie girl fallen to the Queen of Decay, the descent of a modern-day Orpheus, and a killer who has fashioned the most exquisite musical instrument from the remains of one of his victims. Here are dreams, nightmares, and worse things yet.

The Ammonite Violin & Others is comprised of stories first published in the subscription only Sirenia Digest, run by Caitlin for her most devoted readers. $30.00

The Juniper Tree and Other Blue Rose Stories by Peter Straub - dust jacket is lightly scuffed;  Peter Straub's Blue Rose trilogy (Koko, Mystery, and The Throat) is one of the landmark accomplishments of modern popular fiction. Ranging from the Caribbean to Vietnam to the American Midwest and spanning decades of tumultuous history, these books are both unforgettable narratives and indelible portraits of people in extremis, struggling to survive in a world marked by grief, loss, pain, trauma, and homicidal madness. The four stories gathered here are offshoots of that larger fictional universe. Each one stands entirely on its own. Together, they shine a revelatory light on the mysteries and hidden corners of the novels that inspired them.

"Blue Rose" recounts a defining moment in the childhood of Koko's Harry Beevers, the moment when the ten-year-old Harry discovers his capacity for violence and brutality. "The Juniper Tree" describes, with almost unbearable clarity, a lonely young boy's encounter with adult betrayal, and with the darker aspects of human sexuality. "The Ghost Village" takes us to the phantasmagoric landscape of Vietnam, where the barriers between the living and the dead begin to dissolve, to mesmerizing effect. "Bunny is Good Bread" is arguably Straub's single most harrowing story. With relentless attention to detail, it anatomizes the creation of a human monster through abuse, cruelty, and neglect.

These disturbing, beautifully written stories have a moral weight and emotional resonance that only the finest fiction achieves. They are the clear product of a master storyteller at the very top of his game. No one who reads them is likely to forget them, or come away unchanged. $21.00

Strange Wonders: A Collection of Rare Fritz Leiber Works by Fritz Leiber - "In regards to Fritz Leiber, I believe that publication of such unpublished and uncollected works only strengthens his literary greatness. Through fragments, drafts and practice writings, we can clearly see the evolution from Leiber, the amateur, to Leiber, the professional. We are exposed to the clear way in which he dedicated his life to the written word and trained his abilities to produce the award-winning masterpieces that we read even today. While some may object to such a volume, I ask them this—is not the dream just as important as the empire that had been built from it? Are not the blueprints and sketches as impressive as the buildings and the artwork? We must place all this into perspective, and see that publishing such works is not a smear upon Leiber’s legacy. Rather, it completes a full circle. If we are asked to be thorough in the biography of an individual, then we must also do so for their bibliography." — Benjamin Szumskyj, from his Introduction

Kingmaker by Tony Shillitoe - 385 pages;  spine creasing, light edge wear; Shillitoe's 2nd novel and the second book of the Andrakis trilogy.

An ancient prophesy predicts that one bearing the mark of the moon will rise and defeat the Dragon Lords, whose swarming armies have besieged the Kingdom of Thana.  The evil sorceror and Royal Adviser, A Ahmud Ki, schemes to use the prophesy to further his own quest for absolute power, but first the legendary sword of King Aian Abreotan must be found.

In this spellbinding sequel to Guardians, Andra, Kingdom Warrior and Guardian of the Vale, embarks on a perilous journey to recover the sword of Abreotan.

In the depths of the ancient castle of Cennedynss, Andra and his companions discover the true meaning of the prophesy, and the power of Abreotan's legacy... [mass market paperback] $40.00

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