Monday, August 8, 2011

Pottermore.com being targeted by Scammers

ZDnet reports that Harry Potter fans looking for early access to the site are being targeted by scammers.

The site opened to a limited number of fans on July 31st of this year for early access and opens to everyone in October.

Hardcore fans that weren't able to make it into the limited number of early access accounts have become a target for scammers both on eBay and search engines.

Fake Pottermore.com accounts are showing up on eBay and other auction sites - requiring considerable personal data (as well as cash) to 'register additional accounts.'

Search engines are also being exploited - directing those who search for access to the site to malware-embedded phishing sites that pull your personal data off your computer - passwords, social network IDs, banking information, etc.

A statement from Pottermore.com reminds users that Pottermore accounts will be free - and that essentially, there is no shortcut to gain access until October.

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