Saturday, October 29, 2011

Added Today: Philip Wylie, Leigh Brackett, Samuel R. Delaney, Larry Niven, Ron Goulart & more...

More great vintage-ish SF added to the site today - including this copy of Dell's Binary Star #3 - Dell's version of an Ace Double....

Binary Star #3: Dr. Scofflaw / Outerworld  by Ron Goulart and Isidore Haiblum - Two complete novels in one volume:

Dr. Scofflaw by Ron Goulart: The master criminal was spread all over the place--an arm here, a leg there--and Silvera was obsessed with reassembling Scofflaw. After all, a scattered collection of spare parts can't pay off a ten-grand debt!

Outerworld by Isidore Haiblum: They framed Dunjer as professionally as if he'd been a Picasso original--the dead gang boss, the looted safe--and the evidence that could clear him was long gone, into the enemy-states of the Outerworld.

Flash Gordon by Arthur Byron Cover - MING THE MERCILESS! He rules the planet Mongo with cold terror--and if he has his Imperial way, will conquer the entire universe! But first the King of Mongo must destroy Flash Gordon, the fair-haired earthling and Superbowl Star, destined to challenge his sinister mental forces... Together with Doctor Zarkov and the beautiful Dale Arden, Flash is sent hurtling through interstellar space to the Towers of Mingo City, the heartless armies of the all-seeing secret police, and the deadly creatures and half-human beings lurking in Ming's domains.   There, the space hero has a triple task: survive Ming's onslaught, free his own friends, and save--billions of light-years away--the planet Earth!

When Worlds Collide by Philip Wylie and Edwin Balmer - A runaway planet hurtles toward the earth. As it draws near, massive tidal waves, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions wrack our planet, devastating continents, drowning cities, and wiping out millions. In central North America, a team of scientists race to build a spacecraft powerful enough to escape the doomed earth. Their greatest threat, they soon discover, comes not from the skies but from other humans. A crackling plot and sizzling, cataclysmic vision have made When Worlds Collide one of the most popular and influential end-of-the-world novels of all time.

Khi to Freedom by Ardath Mayhar - For Hale Enbo, servitude promised freedom!  He loved his life as planetary scout, indentured to the alien Ginli, traveling throughout the universe, finding and befriending the myriads of intelligent life forms.  Until he discovered what his masters were really after.  Until he found one of his new friends staked out on the Ginli's vivisection table...

The Light Bearer by Sam Nicholson - Harems and treasure palaces, pirate hordes and gilded barges...the splendors of Mus-al-ram were typical of a Bronze Age world, with one slight difference: a spaceship hovered above its clouds, observing, planning...   Prince Zeid, whose subjects called him Light-Bearer, lusted after the Space Givers'knowledge. Prince Rustard lusted after the moonship's jewels and gold. And then there was the pirate girl, Coral Bud, who lusted after the Light-Bearer himself!

The Practice Effect by David Brin - Dennis Nuel is a physicist who, during his research, develops a machine that allows him to explore alternate realities, each of which sport some very strange scientific properties.

The Neutral Stars by Dan Morgan and John Kippax - United Earth Government couldn't get past the vast appropriations needed to commandeer an entire planet-necessary to experiment with the titanic forces that would be unleashed while doing research on a warp-drive. And meanwhile, Venturer Twelve and her sister ships continued to protect Earth Sector as best they could, knowing aliens must already have the drive. But their worst enemy was right here on Earth.

The Hounds of Skath by Leigh Brackett - Leigh Brackett's unforgettable science-fantasy hero of The Secret of Sinharat and The Ginger Star cuts a red swath across the brutal planet Skaith Having killed the king-dog Flay in his quest to save an old friend and mentor, Stark now wanders the Worldheart in the company of nine ferocious canines that respond to his every command. Ruling the hounds of Skaith means tapping into the savagery of Stark's own mysterious past, and even a moment's hesitation could turn the pack against him!

The Descent of Anansi by Larry Niven and Stephen Barnes - It's the American Revolution all over again. But this time it's a ragtag band of space colonists vs. the United States. And the fate of the world hangs by a thread--200 miles above the earth.

Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand by Samuel R. Delaney - The story of a truly galactic civilization with over 6,000 inhabited worlds.

Face of the Enemy by Richard Fawkes - The Interstellar Defense League is claiming rights to a string of rich colonies, and the Pan-Stellar Combine and the Mercantile Union are squabbling over wormhole transit routes. Remor is bent on eradicating all trace of humankind from space. In a pitched galaxy-wide battle for survival, the crucial conflict may come on an out-of-the-way jungle planet called Chugen.

Flameweaver by Margaret Ball - After her expulsion from the priesthood, Tamai is sent to obtain fabled rifles for her people and comes under the protection of a British Officer's Lady. Becoming friends, Tamai and Louisa Westbrook head to Tamai's homeland, Gandhara, where Louisa becomes a full-fledged priestess gifted with occult powers unseen in Gandhara since the glory days.

PLUS: Just cataloged a beautiful copy of the Special Illustrated Edition of The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown - The murder of an elderly curator at the Louvre soon entangles Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon in a race against time to decipher a labyrinthine puzzle before an ancient secret--and an explosive historical truth--are lost forever.

Special illustrated edition is packed with over 160 images of artwork, symbols, architecture and historic locations associated with the text.

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