Thursday, October 27, 2011

And the bestselling Science Fiction series of all time? .....

Perry Rhodan!

In the most part due to the German pulp magazine Perry Rhodans, this series has sold more than 1 Billion copies worldwide.  The weekly serial began in 1961 and is still issuing weekly today in Germany.

Ace Books and Forest J. Ackerman published some 117 translated issues in novel format during the 1970s but, primarily due to marketing difficulties, the series has never been as popular here as it is overseas.

Several years ago kept most all of the series in stock at all times, letting that stock lapse without replacement about 8 years ago.  Those copies I had have since sold out and I hadn't seen any for some time - until excavating a box of vintage SF&F from one of our storage areas this morning.  Inside, among some other gems of 60s and 70s SF&F, was 1 1/2 dozen or so Perry Rhodans.

Unfortunately, many of them had some damage - likely why I never shelved them for sale years ago.  Several are moisture-stained - a flaw that will typically consign a book to my woodstove during the winter. The scarcity of the long out-of-print Rhodans has saved these few though.  Most of these are reading copies.. not for display - and are priced accordingly.

Perry Rhodans available today:

#13: The Immortal Unknown
#28: The Plague of Oblivion
#50: Attack From The Unseen
#57: A Touch of Eternity
#59: Interlude on Siliko 5
#70 Thora's Sacrifice
#73: Spaceship of Ancestors
#79: The Sleepers
#96: Horn: Green
#101: Blockade: Lepso

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  1. Thanks for the informative links shared. I agree with you. It is one of the best books and was sold more than billion copies.
    Thanks for sharing.