Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Amazon launches Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror Imprint

Amazon.com has launched another imprint - this time for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.  The new imprint is called 47North and will be publishing both new SF&F and reprinting out-of-print titles from core genre authors as well.

Signed on initially to the imprint are notables such as Neal Stephenson, Greg Bear, Dave Duncan, Chris Roberson, and B. V. Larson.

The move touches off another outcry from publishers and indie booksellers alike at Amazon's approach to profiting from both sides of the book sale but, with millions behind them, Amazon can offer larger advances and has the dominate market position to push the sales numbers high enough to justify it.  Some authors have been hesitant about getting in bed with the retail giant but often the bottom line of better sales and higher royalties are making the decision for them.. they can't afford to say no.

On the flip side, Amazon does distribute the book through standard trade channels and distributors - at standard discounts - allowing indies and brick & mortar chains alike to stock and sell the book as if it were published by any traditional publisher.

With indies struggling against Amazon's dominant market position though, it hurts to deliberately put more money in their pockets - even when the sale benefits the B&M store.  Amazon's marketing force is arranging book signings and author tours like any other publisher as well.  Kayleighbug, like hundreds of indies before us, will now virtually be forced to stock Amazon's 47North titles - or risk sending even more business to Amazon if we don't carry the books in our specialty.

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