Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2010 Nebula Award Nominees Announced


Short Story
  • ‘‘Arvies’’, Adam-Troy Castro (Lightspeed Magazine 8/10) 
  • ‘‘How Interesting: A Tiny Man’’, Harlan Ellison® (Realms of Fantasy 2/10) 
  • ‘‘Ponies’’, Kij Johnson (Tor.com 1/17/10) 
  • ‘‘I’m Alive, I Love You, I’ll See You in Reno’’, Vylar Kaftan (Lightspeed Magazine 6/10) 
  • ‘‘The Green Book’’, Amal El-Mohtar (Apex Magazine 11/1/10) 
  • ‘‘Ghosts of New York’’, Jennifer Pelland (Dark Faith) 
  • ‘‘Conditional Love’’, Felicity Shoulders (Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine1/10) 

  • ‘‘Map of Seventeen’’, Christopher Barzak (The Beastly Bride) 
  • ‘‘The Jaguar House, in Shadow’’, Aliette de Bodard Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine 7/10) 
  • ‘‘The Fortuitous Meeting of Gerard van Oost and Oludara’’, Christopher Kastensmidt (Realms of Fantasy 4/10) 
  • “Plus or Minus’’, James Patrick Kelly (Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine12/10) 
  • ‘‘Pishaach’’, Shweta Narayan (The Beastly Bride) 
  • ‘‘That Leviathan, Whom Thou Hast Made’’, Eric James Stone (Analog Science Fiction and Fact 9/10) 
  • ‘‘Stone Wall Truth’’, Caroline M. Yoachim (Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine 2/10) 

  • The Alchemist, Paolo Bacigalupi (Audible; Subterranean) 
  • ‘‘Iron Shoes’’, J. Kathleen Cheney (Alembical 2) 
  • The Lifecycle of Software Objects, Ted Chiang (Subterranean) 
  • ‘‘The Sultan of the Clouds’’, Geoffrey A. Landis (Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine 9/10) 
  • ‘‘Ghosts Doing the Orange Dance’’, Paul Park (The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction 1-2/10) 
  • ‘‘The Lady Who Plucked Red Flowers beneath the Queen’s Window’’, Rachel Swirsky (Subterranean Magazine Summer ’10)

The Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation
  • Despicable Me, Pierre Coffin & Chris Renaud (directors), Ken Daurio & Cinco Paul (screenplay), Sergio Pablos (story) (Illumination Entertainment) 
  • Doctor Who: ‘‘Vincent and the Doctor’’, Richard Curtis (writer), Jonny Campbell (director) 
  • How to Train Your Dragon, Dean DeBlois & Chris Sanders (directors), William Davies, Dean DeBlois, & Chris Sanders (screenplay) (DreamWorks Animation) 
  • Inception, Christopher Nolan (director), Christopher Nolan (screenplay) (Warner) 
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Edgar Wright (director), Michael Bacall & Edgar Wright (screenplay) (Universal) 
  • Toy Story 3, Lee Unkrich (director), Michael Arndt (screenplay), John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, & Lee Unkrich (story) (Pixar/Disney) 

Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Ship Breaker, Paolo Bacigalupi (Little, Brown) 
  • White Cat, Holly Black (McElderry) 
  • Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins (Scholastic Press; Scholastic UK) 
  • Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword, Barry Deutsch (Amulet) 
  • The Boy from Ilysies, Pearl North (Tor Teen) 
  • I Shall Wear Midnight, Terry Pratchett (Gollancz; Harper) 
  • A Conspiracy of Kings, Megan Whalen Turner (Greenwillow) 
  • Behemoth, Scott Westerfeld (Simon Pulse; Simon & Schuster UK)

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