Friday, February 18, 2011

Website improvements, Goodreads integration & more..

It may be slow news day for the bookselling/publishing world (aside from Borders fallout,) but I've been hard at work on the website this week as well as some other fruitful endeavors.

First and foremost, this blog is now integrated both into the Notes section of my personal facebook page and into the newly-added blog section of the bookstore website.

We've also added facebook recommendation functionality to Kayleighbug.com so that if you see a book you like or want to recommend purchasing something from us, you can easily post the link to your facebook page - simply by clicking the "recommend" button above the description for any book on the website.

So, please, dear readers, recommend your favorites to your heart's delight.

On Goodreads.com, we've added purchase link integration as well - SO.. follow along here.. this is a bit complicated.. If you are a Goodreads user and want to help support Kayleighbug Books, you can integrate our purchasing links to your goodreads pages with a few simple clicks.

  1. Log in to your account on Goodreads.  
  2. In the dropdown menu under your name, select "My Account." 
  3. Select the tab that says "Book Links"
  4. In the Right Column, sort links "alphabetically" 
  5. You'll find "Kayleighbug Books" on page 3 or so of the list.
  6. Click Add to the right of it
  7. Sort your links over on the left by your preference
Now, if you are looking at a book that someone recommended or that you are interested in and you click "more" under Buy a Copy, the Kayleighbug Books search link will appear in the upper right hand column allowing you to easily search our new and used inventory for a copy of that book - either by title or ISBN.

We appreciate any and all social networking support we can get, so please, recommend books on our site, use our Goodreads integration, "share" our facebook page with your friends, link or share our blog posts if you find them interesting - enter our contests, browse our site, buy our books :)

Shopping from Kayleighbug doesn't just support a small local bookseller, it can save you money.  Our shipping rates are generally lower than the "big box" sites, we have a great selection, we accurately describe the individual flaws of used books so you know exactly what you are going to get, you can call us anytime with a question (or to order) as our phone number is prominently displayed on the website, and we don't route calls to an overseas call center.

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